The Executive Team

Eric Neuner

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

As the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Empowered Education, Eric Neuner is committed to changing the way we approach healthcare and education. To address rapidly increasing chronic illness and mental health issues, he…

Carey Peters

Co-Founder, Health Coach Institute

Carey Peters is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and a Co-Founder of Empowered Education.

Stacey Morgenstern

Co-Founder, Health Coach Institute

Stacey Morgenstern is a Board Certified Health Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, international public speaker, and Co-Founder of Empowered Education.

Keri Glassman

MS, RD, CDN, Founder, Nutritious Life

Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, is a renowned celebrity nutritionist, healthy cooking expert, and wellness thought-leader. She is the founder of Nutritious Life, a…

Andrea Nakayama

Founder, Functional Nutrition Alliance

Andrea Nakayama is the founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance. Andrea is an internationally known Functional Medicine Nutritionist, educator, and speaker who is leading a movement to transform the health industry…

Adee Cazayoux

Founder, Working Against Gravity

Adee Cazayoux is the Founder of Working Against Gravity (WAG), an online nutrition coaching program with one ambitious yet achievable mission — to transform lives. Having made a name for herself in the world of nutrition…

The Leadership Team

Lisa Britto-Botts

Senior Director of People & Culture

As the Senior Director of People & Culture, Lisa leads the team in fostering a positive and mission-driven culture that is prevalent throughout and across all Empowered Education brands. With nearly a decade of people…

Josh Wiener

SVP of Enrollment and Service

As the Vice President of Enrollment, Josh heads up the day-to-day operations of the sales department across all Empowered Education brands. Josh has over 15 years of experience in sales leadership roles in higher education…

Nick Robbins

Chief Operating Officer

In his role as Chief Operating Officer and as part of the senior executive team at Empowered Education, Nick is responsible for legal affairs, corporate governance, compliance and risk, along with the planning and…

Clare Schmitt

Chief of Staff

Throughout her career, Clare has kept a consistent focus on results, revenue, and ROI. She has gained experience in all aspects of traditional and digital marketing, but no matter the industry or strategy, she believes it…