The education platform helping coaches thrive in the world.

Graduates from our programs are finding success and fulfillment while making a true difference in the world. Veteran, Nicole (featured) is using her Become a Health Coach training to help other veterans combat chronic PTSD. How can our coaching programs help you make a difference?

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The education platform helping practitioners thrive in the world.

With internationally acclaimed instructors like Andrea Nakayama (featured) at the helm, our graduates can expect to learn ground-breaking ways to treat their patients and inspire lasting change, leading to a thriving practice that clinicians trust to keep coming back to.

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The education platform helping students thrive in the world.

More and more health and wellness coaches and practitioners are raving about our cutting-edge curricula, not just for the uniquely valuable training they receive, but also for the heart-centered community they get to become a part of.

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The education platform helping you thrive in the world.

We are a 100% virtual company with over 200 team members in 31 states and 12 countries. We believe health comes first, which is why we encourage our employees to find their best work/life balance and work schedules that fit their lifestyle.

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The education platform helping humanity thrive in the world.

Using a unique process that incorporates the teachings of Functional Medicine, customized for nutrition and lifestyle counseling, we seek to identify the source of patient suffering, then create personalized, therapeutic processes to help them meet their goals and get them back on the road to recovery.

This is Our Mission

What is
Empowered Education?

At Empowered Education, we’ve trained more than 20,000 coaches and practitioners around the world in a new healthcare paradigm that is fundamentally changing the landscape of health and how we treat lifestyle disease.

Through our online training programs and live events, our graduates are equipped to work directly with clients or patients, or partner with doctors and allied functional medicine professionals. Our practitioners work to identify root cause of illness and provide their patients with the critical support and our coaches provide the accountability clients need to make lasting transformation and thrive in health and life.

A 200+ person company built on a metrics-driven remote workforce platform throughout the US and around the globe, Empowered Education is the parent company of Health Coach Institute and Functional Nutrition Alliance — the leading online schools for health coaches and wellness practitioners.

Committed to health.
Fueled by heart.

Where students go to master the art, science, and business of coaching so they can transform lives through the power of habit change and healthy lifestyle design.

Where doctors, practitioners, and patients go for functional resources and solutions to reclaim health through personalized medicine.

When our students and practitioners graduate, they’re equipped to empower others to reclaim their health, experience breakthrough results, and launch high-impact careers that are revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.

Our curriculums combine both
instruction and practical application in:

  • Functional Nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • The Art of the Practice
  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Root Cause Resolution
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Business and Marketing Systems, Educational Tools, Products and Patient Systems that have served thousands with great success and proven results

What sets us apart?

Transformative Education

Our curriculums are revolutionizing health and nutrition education by providing our practitioners and students with all of the tools and training they need to inspire eagerness, and create positive, lasting transformation for their clients, patients—and themselves. We believe in creating agents of change that are crucial partners in the healthcare revolution. We believe in a “first for you, then for others” approach to learning, meaning you must first learn to create transformation for yourself before you can successfully do so for others.

Masterful Teachers

Our world-renowned teachers have created extremely successful careers in their specific zone of genius—but their real genius lies in knowing WHY it matters, how to put it into practice, and sharing their wisdom in a way that’s relatable, engaging, and easy to understand.


Our education programs combine lesson-based learning, hands-on learning, and expansive mentorship to help practitioners and students become masters of their craft and become the go-to professional in their community with unshakable confidence, all while creating abundant careers of their choosing.

Heart-Centered Community

We are a global network of like-minded individuals who share the same unified mission to promote wellness-driven lifestyles and reverse chronic disease. We support our students and graduates throughout every stage of their education and professional journey with opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together. Our community will likely become your support network of fellow coaches and practitioners for years to come.

Forward-Thinking Research

Empowered Education is looking into the future by planning for continued expansion in the U.S. and internationally, in addition to investing in research that shows the efficacy of our Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching programs in improving health outcomes for those suffering from chronic disease.

We want to focus on leveraging the latest in health technology and digital therapeutics to allow coaches and practitioners to scale their impact, reaching more patients and clients. We’ll achieve this by implementing digitally-delivered, empowered health education, tech-enabled data and measurement, and most importantly, compassionate human care, community, and masterful coaching.

We’ll be focusing on innovations in two foundational areas: 1) existing online training programs and live events that train coaches, practitioners, and impassioned changemakers to help others optimize their health and 2) education and coaching platforms that empower patients to address disease-specific conditions through diet, lifestyle modification and habit change.

Our healthcare system is in crisis and the world is ready for a massive shift in health and wellness education. This research will help Empowered Education to create a real path toward better alignment between existing healthcare systems, Health Coaches, and Functional Nutrition professionals. We believe this has the potential to give patients the support they need to create lasting habit change.

Empowered Education’s mission is to positively impact millions of lives by focusing our collective attention on nutrition, habit change, and wellness overall.

The World’s Leading Coaches & Health Practitioners
Trust Empowered Education

“Joining Health Coach Institute has been one of the best learning experiences of my career. I have a bachelors and masters degree in education. The programs offered by HCI have so much value for not only preparing students to build successful health coaching practices, but it also serves as an incredible catalyst for personal growth and change as well. So many things set HCI apart from other learning experiences, but my favorite thing is the incredible tribe of like-minded people from diverse backgrounds in health, wellness, fitness, and medicine. The support and encouragement is amazing! I love HCI and highly recommend their programs!”


“HCI is magical! Yes, you’ll get the foundational pieces, like the marketing & business strategies to help you get a business started doing what you know you were meant to do. You’ll get the simple step-by-step tools which will allow you to do this quickly and easily. Check that magic box! The real magic shows up when you start doing the work itself. It will change you, and you will start to become the person you always knew yourself to be, but were too afraid to show up as. I have found my true passion and each day I’m finding more and more of who I am as a coach and an authentic human being. Thank you, HCI, for this gift – You ROCK!!!!!!”


“HCI is like visiting “similar businesses all over the world” and gathering the BEST practices of each, and rolling it into one package. The information is practical, in-depth and useful immediately as you start your career. Follow- up with support staff is prompt and thorough. The founders are very generous in giving you more than enough to be successful. They are continually looking for more ways to help their current and former students grow and flourish. It’s truly EXCEPTIONAL and I know I picked the right school. The connections you have to other coaches is priceless to give you the support you need to be a masterful coach. Don’t hesitate. HCI is the best choice for you.”


“HCI has an excellent protocol for behavior and belief change. They set an excellent example of listening and respecting others. Teachers and staff in all departments are courteous and very willing to help resolve issues. I have always felt they truly cared about me, my vision and my progress in the program. The coach and business training they offer for coaches is very high quality. They also offer excellent follow-up once one receives the BHC certification. This company gets an A+++.”


“If I were to devise the ideal way to help my family and community, and in turn give them the tools to pass it on, and for them to pass it on and just create a positive wave of energy and healing that impacts on so many levels, then I cannot see how I could come up with a better model or delivery than HCI. I took the plunge in 2016, and I am still connected and learning from them. I cannot praise them all highly enough. ”


History & Milestones

March 1, 2010

First students enrolled in Holistic MBA

January 15, 2012

First students enrolled in Functional Nutrition Alliance’s Holistic Nutrition Lab

March 1, 2015

Holistic MBA becomes Health Coach Institute

January 15, 2015

First students enrolled in Health Coach’s Institute’s foundational Become a Health Coach program

April 2, 2016

First students enrolled in HMBA Mastery, Health Coach Institute’s graduate-level coaching program

January 1, 2018

Holistic Nutrition Lab becomes Functional Nutrition Lab

January 11, 2018

Health Coach Institute is organized into Empowered Education

June 30, 2018

Functional Nutrition Alliance joins Empowered Education


Empowered Education has grown to over 200 team members around the United States and the globe.

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