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Training Coaches & Nutrition Practitioners to Create Lasting Transformation Through Functional Nutrition & Habit Change

Health &
Life Coach Training

Coaching is one of the most exciting and lucrative industries to be in right now. Coaches empower others to transform their lives by teaching them how to master healthy habits for good. They provide the support and accountability people need to follow through with their goals and make lasting, positive changes in their lives. What’s more, they fill a critical role in healthcare that doctors and other medical professionals don’t have the time or skill to assist patients with by providing the support and accountability people need to stay motivated and make lifestyle modifications that prevent and reverse chronic disease. As we like to say, “….Coaches intervene in that space between the gravitational pull of habit and the desire for lasting change. We help people cross the divide.”

Founding partners Stacey Morgenstern (left) and Carey Peters (right)

Our Health Coach training school, Health Coach Institute (HCI), teaches individuals how to turn their passion for holistic living into a successful coaching career. Created by successful six-figure Health & Life Coaches, Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters, HCI trains coaches to create abundant careers transforming lives through healthy lifestyle design and habit change.

Through their foundational Become a Health Coach program and graduate-level HMBA Mastery program, Stacey and Carey have collectively trained over 10,000 students in more than 70 countries and are proud to be pioneering a new generation of coaches that are revolutionizing healthcare around the world. Their world-renowned trainings became the first coaching programs to combine nutrition, health and wellness, habit change coaching, money mindset, personal growth, and business and marketing systems into one comprehensive system.

Become a Health & Life Coach: Teaching the art, science & business of transformational coaching and habit change.

Health Coach Institute’s foundational Become a Health Coach (BHC) training program prepares future Health & Life Coaches to launch a coaching career in as little as six months. Our 100% online curriculum provides intensive, hands-on training in the 4 “pillars” of coaching: 1) Functional Nutrition 2) Habit Change Coaching Skills 3) Personal Growth and 4) Proven Marketing and Simple Business Systems. Upon program completion, BHC graduates are equipped to facilitate transformational experiences for their clients so they can step into the boldest, healthiest version of themselves.

“I absolutely love the training. It has truly changed my life and will continue to enrich it now that I have a system I can coach others through! The training is so thorough and aligned with the growing holistic health market. I feel confident that I’ve got the right tools to be successful with a career in coaching.”


Master the Business & Art of Coaching: Helping coaches accelerate their career and create deeper transformation for their clients.

Health Coach Institute’s graduate-level HMBA Mastery program is uniquely designed to connect coaches to that sweet spot where passion, purpose, and profit intersect. In this 12-month, online training program, coaches receive advanced training, strategies, and coaching mentorship to empower them to make a rich living while living a rich life. Upon program completion, Mastery graduates are equipped to create a sustainable and scaleable six-figure business touching more lives.

“HMBA helped me clarify my bigger vision so I could reach many more people. Everything about this program completely exceeded my expectations. I joined HMBA because I had hit a wall with my business. I was working with 1-1 clients but I wanted to reach more people and take myself out of the daily grind. When you’re in a place and you’re trying to figure out what to do with a new business, you waste so much time and create so much stress and anxiety trying to reinvent from scratch. Carey and Stacey give you not only the tools and strategies but they also coax out what it is that you desire and help you make it happen. What I would say to anyone who is considering joining HMBA is: DO IT YESTERDAY!”

Dr. Tarryn Foster, ND Graduate

“HCI changed my life! HCI training is not just information it is transformation. The content is valuable and the resources are endless. Choosing Mastery was the moment I felt that I choose Me! TCM and Mastery training it help me not only to become a better coach for my clients but to become a better person myself! The mastermind groups and the TCM coaching it is the best accountability system one could have. And then is the HCI tribe! This tribe is phenomenal! So much so that I’m flying literally across the world four times a year to be with my tribe! When ask to become a lifer, simply felt natural to say Yes! This is where I want to be! This is where I belong! I love HCI!”


Functional Nutrition
Practitioner Training

People are getting sicker and sicker. There’s a growing population of chronically ill patients displaying a laundry list of symptoms, and fewer practitioners who understand how to address their needs for healing. This is where Functional Nutrition practitioners come in. These nutrition master practitioners fill a gap in the current Functional Medicine model by providing a critical service that sits between the Functional Medicine doctor and the patient, with a focus on clinical understandings of how the body should function, root cause resolutions, and diet and lifestyle modification tailored to the individual’s unique needs.
In the current model, Functional Medicine doctors are trained to assess and diagnose the patient as a whole, but they often don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to provide support in determining what diet and lifestyle modifications will help them to get and stay better. This leaves patients with little to no direction or support in understanding what does and does not work (for their lifestyle or their body), and for uncovering what next incremental steps will lead them toward the results they’re seeking.

Andrea Nakayama – CEO of Functional Nutrition Alliance; Founding Partner

Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA) trains Allied Functional Medicine Practitioners to bridge the gap between physician and patient to yield better and more sustainable outcomes. Our practitioners are part of a new healthcare paradigm, offering both physicians and clients the support they need for mutual success, helping even the most complex clients find relief from their suffering.

Founded by acclaimed Functional Medicine Nutritionist and educator Andrea Nakayama, FxNA is a fast-growing organization and virtual clinic focused on nutrition counseling, education, and community understanding of improved health through the intersection of food, lifestyle, and physiology. By providing Functional Nutrition resources and solutions for members, doctors, and allied practitioners, it’s FxNA’s mission to create a revolution of healthcare change through education, empowerment, and nourishment.

Patient Counseling: Helping Clients Uncover the Root Causes of Illness & Reclaim Their Health.

Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic is a virtual clinic that takes an individualized, functional approach to patient healing. Using a unique process that incorporates the teachings of Functional Medicine and customizes them for nutrition and lifestyle counseling, we seek to identify the source of our patients’ suffering, then create personalized, therapeutic processes to help them meet their goals and get them back on the road to recovery.

“I am healthier, I feel and look younger, and I’ve had a dramatic improvement in my level of energy.”

Melissa Hurley, Client

“Andrea educates us on why we need to make these changes…it’s about understanding what’s going on in your body. Andrea’s work is evidence-based…and it is also deeply individualistic.”

Meghan O’Rourke, Client, Course Participant, Writer

“There has been a big difference in my symptoms since working with Andrea’s team…now I feel like I have [a] sense of control over my own health. It is worth every penny and life-changing.”

Karina Montgomery, Client

“I tell anyone with Crohn’s that they should call FxNA. I was sick for many years before I found the FxNA Clinic. They stripped down my diet and built it up again with so much care. I’m as close to remission as is possible for my diagnosis. They saved me. I owe them everything.”

Anthony Romano

Practitioner Training: Training Practitioners To Be the “Go-To” Clinicians That Clients Trust

FxNA’s practitioner training program, Functional Nutrition Lab, offers a 10-month online continuing education immersion designed to provide practitioners with a paradigm shift in patient-centered healthcare. It includes a comprehensive system with tools and resources to uncover the root causes of any illness. Full Body Systems includes a deep-dive into 7 systems of the body: digestive, immune, urinary, cardiometabolic, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems. Through this systems-based approach, we equip practitioners to become the LAST, best stop for those clients who’ve been everywhere and tried everything as well as those who can be served before reaching that point of frustration.

“Andrea has one of the most outstanding courses available…it completely revolutionized how I work with my clients and how I run my business.”

Maggie Reinke, Nutrition Professional, FDN, MS Exercise Physiology

“Andrea isn’t just teaching physiology or pathology. It’s how to go in and solve the puzzle…she changed everything about how I look at how I can help people. She’s amazing. Brilliant.”

Melanie Connolly, Practitioner

“Hands down, out of everything I’ve done, Andrea has the best programs.”

Janet Vailes, Full Body Systems graduate

“Full Body Systems is the best investment I’ve ever made. Andrea blew my mind and breathed life back into my understanding of nutrition. I work as a nurse in a community mental health setting, and this training has truly changed how I practice psychiatry.”

Rebecca Faulkner, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

“I knew there was something missing in my other nutrition training. I wasn’t comfortable working with clients, and I felt like I didn’t know enough to really help people. Now I have a successful practice and I know I’m really helping my clients. In Full Body Systems, you learn how to really practice in a way you won’t learn anywhere else. You understand the body. You understand the functionality. What Functional really means. It’s invaluable. Andrea is wise, eloquent, and brave. She knows Nutrition backward and forward. She knows how to practice. And she knows how to teach you how to practice.”

Robyn Spens